Fundamental 2D Bezier Curves
Author(s)Andres Bejarano

A simple project for implementing degree-n 2D Bezier Curves and related concepts: It is built using C++, Rendering is performed using OpenGL, shaders, gl3w and glfw3, User interface is implemented using imgui, Saving .tiff image is done using DevIL, and Uses file selection and saving dialogs from Tiny File Dialogs. Related concepts implemented in the project include: Raising the degree of the curve, Remapping the parameterization range from 0-1 to any x-y, Extending the curve for t<0 and t>1, and Curve subdivision at given parameter t (generating two independent Bezier Curves). The current implementation can be immediately adapted for 3D Bezier Curves. Currently, all Z-coordinates are set to 0.0.