TIGER: Topological Interlocking GEneratoR
Author(s)Andres Bejarano, Christoph Hoffmann
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Topological Interlocking is a design technique to generate non-monolithic structures and composite materials. A traditional topological interlocking assembly consists of convex blocks arranged in a single layer. A peripheral structure provides support for the blocks and prevents lateral strain. Recent research on this topic has found remarkable properties that are not present with more traditional design techniques or material approaches. Despite the advances and increasing interest, there is no available software that contains all the essential tools to generate and analyze such structures. We introduce TIGER, a software application to generate and analyze topological interlocking configurations based on 3D surface tessellations. The application provides generation methods for both tessellations and interlocking assemblies. The analysis of the assemblies is based on the Structure Feasibility method that finds the minimum tension magnitudes for the structure to maintain a static equilibrium state. The generated configurations can be saved in multiple file formats for later 3D printing and additional analysis using more sophisticated tools.

Citation: Andres Bejarano, Christoph Hoffmann, TIGER: Topological Interlocking GEneratoR, In IEEE Games, Multimedia, Animation, And Multiple Realities - IEEE GMAX 2020. September 17-18, 2020.